a tiny but powerful admin dashboard for web apps.

collaboratively search and analyze your database. no coding involved.

Create your admin panel

Easy setup

tinyadmin directly connects and analyzes your database. No coding or configuration is required.

Table relationship navigation

tinyadmin automatically discovers relationships between tables. You can easily explore and navigate your data from table to table.

Shared queries

tinyadmin works great in teams. Connections and queries can be shared in your team and everyone can access the same views. Great for non-technical users.


tinyadmin does not store any data! Queries are sent through a secure connection directy to your database. We take data security extremely serious.

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Does tinyadmin store any data of my database?

NO. Your data is stored only in your database! To display results all SQL queries are sent directly through a secure connection to your database.
No data is persisted, never!

Can tinyadmin be used to write or update database entries?

Yes, you can optionally enable editing features. Tinyadmin provides a nice UI to edit and create entries.

Is tinyadmin secure?

Tinyadmin uses encrypted database connections and protective transactions. Provided connection details are encrypted at rest with IETF encryption standards (AES).
Access can additionally be limited through custom database users/schema configurations. Please let us know if you have questions or need help.

Does tinyadmin affect the load on my database?

Tinyadmin itself does not affect the database. Your queries can, but we have measures in place to protect your database. For example we limit the queried rows and have sensitive timeouts.


Simple, affordable pricing - per admin panel usage and with a risk-free 20 day trial!

Unlimited tables
Unlimited saved queries
Unlimited dashboards
Unlimited team members
CSV/Excel/Google Sheets exports
E-mail/Slack reports

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